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I have helped a number of companies embark on this journey. Not only do I implement the Pipedrive sales CRM system, but I also help your team learn to work smarter using the Pipedrive logic. By the end of the journey, the win-rate will have increased significantly. This results in commissions for salespeople and dividends for owners.

How? By using one of the best sales softwares and techniques to manage conscious follow-up. With Pipedrive, all sales and marketing campaigns and communication data can be managed at same place. This allows you to create a predictable and stable sales process.

Why Pipedrive CRM?

I can tell you from personal experience that Pipedrive sales CRM is the next stage of development for many companies. Pipedrive software is designed by salespeople - and that's why it's so suited to salespeople.

Pipedrive has clients in 175 countries around the world, it has over 900 employees.

At the heart of the software is the Pipeline function, which manages and tracks sales processes. Pipeline's unique solutions help users increase their win-rate by an average of 28% in the first year after implementation.

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I have been using Pipedrive on a daily basis for almost 8 years.

I know from my own experience what a great growth potential a good sales CRM software can bring. I found Pipedrive after trying a lot of other softwares.

How has Pipedrive helped me? During my 12-year career as a former Head of Sales, using Pipedrive I built one of Hungary's largest Hungarian-owned accounting and tax consulting firms.

I founded a company to make this powerful sales CRM software available to others. We don't just implement software, as an official Pipedrive Solution Partner, we exploit the potential of sales processes.

We provide Pipedrive implementation services in the EU and Dubai.

Real-life results and revenue

Sales CRM implementation in the EU and Dubai.

Modell & Hobby's Sales Team

400+ reseller partners

"The system adapts well to the hectic daily lives of colleagues. With the implementation of the system, the focus has been on being in continuous, project-based and scheduled touch with resellers and expanding the partner network. All of these with a task management system that makes it easy for field sales staff and account managers to keep track of their daily tasks. The implementation of the system has not only taught us how to use the system, but also how to administer it so that we can quickly adapt it to our new needs in the future."

Gergely Ori, CEO

Modell & Hobby Ltd., www.modellhobby.hu

Euroscale Group

Three countries and 14 users

We did sales CRM training at Euroscale Group. Hungarian colleagues participated in person, Slovak and Romanian colleagues online. The aim was to develop an easy-to-use task management system to improve the efficiency of sales and delivery processes. In addition, the system provides colleagues with live customer information. We developed trigger-based, automated marketing campaigns from the available live customer data.
Together with my colleague Csaba Balázs, we are really enjoying working with the Euroscale team, who contribute creative ideas and legitimate objections to make Pipedrive help their daily operations as much as possible.

Győző Fekete-Kovács, CEO
Euroscale Ltd., w

"It's a very powerful system, as a sales software it's essential for success because most deals can get lost in the follow-up phase."

David Torok


TDG Real Estate Office

"With the implementation of the system, we have finally put our previously modelled customer acquisition automation into practice. What's more, we can now see exactly where our potential customers are in the customer journey and how we can guide them further. So we've been able to virtually automate both customer acquisition and customer value growth."

Attila Pongor-Juhász

CEO, bestseller author and business mentor

Pongor Group

"I don't know how we were able to work before Pipedrive. We manage somehow, but I see now that it wasn't efficient."

Csaba Baranyi


Galamb Tailoring

Sales CRM implementation from Hungary

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